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Madison, New Jersey


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About Us
CoreAlign at Mind Over Movement


Mind Over Movement is located near Drew University and conveniently located near the neighboring towns of Chatham, Florham Park, and Morristown.


We believe that movement is integral to life and the aging process. Integrating your muscles fully helps you to stand your ground as you get older. With that, we use both Pilates equipment (Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair), CoreAlign & Bodhi.


As a Balanced Body® Education Facility, we offer exceptional Pilates instructor certifications. We also offer a wide range of continuing education programs including Anatomy in Three Dimensions™. We know training to become a Pilates Instructor can be lengthy and expensive. So, our training program is flexible; you have the opportunity to learn each module as your budget and time allows. You can also stop where you feel comfortable for as long as you like.


Our Instructors


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Marcy Schafler, is the owner of Mind Over Movement, a Pilates Studio in Madison, NJ Her career as a Pilates instructor began at the ripe young age of 45. Pilates training began at Movements Afoot in New York City. There she trained with Doris Pasteleur Hall (Carola Trier trained) and Lesley Powell and was certified through PhysicalMind. In 2008, Marcy became faculty for Balanced Body teaching students to become Pilates Instructors. Shortly after that Marcy decided to do Balanced Body’s program Passing the Torch with Elizabeth Larkam. Balanced Body requested her to do become Faculty for Anatomy in Three Dimensions. A hands on approach to anatomy. In 2008, Marcy became a PMA Certified Pilates Instructor. Recently Marcy has added to her workshop teachings as she is a CoreAlign Master Instructor as well as a teacher for MOTR and the Franklin Method. Marcy has recently had the opportunity to present at Pilates on Tour in London and NYC. In 2006, Marcy participated as an instructor in a study led by Urogynecologist, Dr. Patrick Culligan, of the Atlantic Healthcare System on the rehabilitation and support of the pelvic floor. Marcy is a cancer surthriver (her own coinage). Surviving both uterine and breast cancer. Pilates has had a huge an impact on her ability to come through the challenges of surgery, radiation and rehab. Continuing education is such an important part of our growth and often gets overlooked when we are teaching for awhile. I love working with and taking other instructors workshops. There is always something new to learn. Whatever Marcy teaches, she is always looking to enhance movements of her clients and students so they can improve the quality of their lives. This can be by getting in better shape, getting stronger, improve sports performance (Marcy has worked with NFL Jets) or to living pain free.
Jennifer discovered Pilates while looking for a way to get back into shape after college. It took just one class, and she was hooked! She loved what Pilates could do for her body and mind. In 2011, she decided to take her love of the practice to the next level by becoming an instructor. Jennifer trained and apprenticed with Marcy at Mind Over Movement while working a full time administrative job. After completing her training she decided that she wanted to make helping people through Pilates her life's work. She has been working solely as a Pilates instructor ever since. She still uses her admin skills, as she also serves as the studio manager at Mind Over Movement. In 2015, Jennifer became a fully comprehensive Balanced Body Pilates instructor.

Maria’s passion about body movement started at a very young age at her birthplace in the northern part of Greece. She was playing basketball, doing track and field, and competing as a gymnast. After graduating from the School of Physical Education with a Masters degree in gymnastics and dancing, she joined a well known dance performing center in Thesaloniki Greece (Centro Balleto Classico) as a dancer as well as a teacher of contemporary dance. Her lifelong love for sports and being physically active took a new turn 11 years ago, when she started training with Marcy Schafler. Since then, Maria has completed her Pilates Certification program and has been teaching at Mind over Movement Pilates studio for the past two years. Maria is also a CoreAlign certified instructor. She teaches group and private classes at the studio. In her free time Maria is an avid skier and surfer.

(Showing 1 - 5 of 6)